About Us

Since its inception in 2010, the India Art Festival (IAF), a contemporary Indian art fair has been the platform to exhibit art and ideas, showcasing the artworks of nearly 3000 artists from India and many other countries.  IAF, the only contemporary art fair in India hosting annual editions at Mumbai, New Delhi and Bengaluru, positions itself today as a successfully tested module of art fair with focus on both – art galleries and independent artists. The uninterrupted journey of 17 editions in the last ten years entered into a short sojourn this year during corona virus outbreak. The covid-19 pandemic made us alter ways to continue with our contemporary life and compelled us to shift from the ‘conventional’ presentation of ‘visual art’ to digital platforms.

Today, most of us in the self-quarantined state of mind, willingly or unwillingly use electronic devices, looking for ways to connect, to support each other. The virtual India Art Festival (VIAF), a specially designed virtual art fair is an effort to engage ‘visual art audiences’ with the art makers who are trying to recover from past anxieties and future worries!  Virtual India art festival is our commitment as the cultural organizer to answer urgencies surrounding the lives of thousands of artists in India. The VIAF – Virtual art fair features facilities to buy artworks online where is art buyers can contact art galleries and artists from their booths. The mega contemporary Indian art fair is a sort of art market place for architects, interior designers, art collectors who search for option to make a passion investment – buying contemporary Indian art online. 

The visitors – art enthusiasts, art buyers, and art connoisseurs – to the virtual India Art Festival will enjoy this  fusion of contemporary art with the virtual reality, creating an incredible experience!  The thousands of artworks exhibited through stalls include inspiring original artworks, prints, paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, ceramics, installations and more. The visitors can chose the artwork they like and can buy paintings online on the 2D page of virtual India Art Festival. The artworks for online sale made available here on virtual India Art Festival are sourced directly from art galleries and artists.

Every year IAF hosts over 700+ artists and 50 art galleries from across India and other countries, showcasing 6000 works of art at New Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. Now all this is simulated together in the digital platform ‘Virtual India Art Festival’.

For more details on India Art Festival, please visit www.indiaartfestival.com