Tips to Buy Original Art Prints online

Looking to buy original Art Prints online? Well, you are in the right place where you can get all the tips and tricks for becoming a sommelier of this particular subject.

Since you have come here, you tend to have the sightedness for fine art, but this day-to-day busy lifestyle doesn’t allow you to go out and find the best piece of art as per your taste. But in this modern era, like groceries and home appliances, you can buy art online as well.

Tips and tricks to Buy Original Art Prints online

So, here are the secrets to buy original Art Prints online.

  1. Plan on what to buy

The artwork is always the center of attraction of its location. So keeping your requirements on priority and balancing them with the harmony of its location, you can decide the genre of the artwork you are going to buy.

  1. Pocket strength

Many a time, it happens that you push your legs outside your blanket when you see better options as a buyer. Your budget should be a little bit flexible as the prices of the art of your choice can vary depending on different aspects like the seller, delivery medium, the artist, or the art itself.

  1. Know your product

The very basic yet the most important thing to do before buying a product anywhere is having a basic knowledge of the product which you intend to buy. Know what are its features and highlights. Would it be a fit for its purpose? Also, when it comes, you can check the details if it’s original or not.

  1. Know the artist

When you know the artist, you know his famous artworks, signature style of strokes, and the tiny details he/she puts in general. It’s always better to be updated with the reality by going into the art galleries on a regular basis as you can ask questions and understand it then and there. Check for the art number and artist’s signature on the art.

  1. Understand the printmaking and quality

The original art form would always be the masterpiece and quite expensive at times, yet creating a superior quality replica plays the game here. With modern-day technology, it is also possible to get you the feel of the texture of brush strokes and original paint while touching it.

Also, always check for the surface quality and the ink quality used to make the art print for its longevity.

  1. Do the background research about the seller

It is always advisable to buy the art from the artist’s own website. Yet, when you are looking for diversity and have other factors in mind, you can choose other websites. Also, you must select a reputed and renowned seller with a little bit of their background research. And you can also compare the prices and services offered by them.

  1. Check for Authenticity Certificate

When it is said that Your safety is in your hands, it is true; you can always ask for the authenticity certificate of the artwork even if you have a microscopic level of doubt. This can save you from getting involved in fraudulent and unauthorized art buying, which may result in taking you to the curb of legal actions if it turns into worst.

  1. Ask for all the extra(hidden) charges

Several online sellers do not disclose their extra charges and straight away add it to your final bill. This could be the storage, shipping, tax, installation, or any other costs which are not included in the original price. No need to worry, just ask for the final price and extra charges, if any.

  1. Check the brand name of the surface used

Usually, the surface used for printmaking is of better quality than normal surfaces; for example, if a paper is used would be thicker, and ink would be color precise and long-lasting. You can simply ask for the same, and the seller would proudly show what materials have been used.

  1. Always read the return policy before buying

Last but not least, before you buy original Art Prints online, make sure to take note of the return policy. In many cases, it is found that when the product delivered is different from the product ordered or desired, the seller scruple to take responsibility and return/replace the product. You have to forestall the situation and read the return policy of the product.