A virtual coliseum of world-class art and artists – Virtual India Art Festival

Do you fascinate art masterpieces and have an art connoisseur inside you? Then this years’s virtual India Art Festival could be a great option for you. The India Art Festival is the ideal place to amaze you with more than 700 renowned artists showcasing over 6000 masterpieces in 50 art galleries from all over the world.

India Art Festival (IAF) is a modern and contemporary art fair and since 2010 is serving as a new model for dialogue and collaborations between art galleries, art dealers, art buyers, artists, interior designer, architects and art connoisseurs who come together every year under one roof to display the magical pieces of work for its visual audience.

But this year, this festival comes to an online platform.


  • Immersive ambience
  • Video profiles
  • Digital catalogues
  • Two-dimensional rooms
  • Three-dimensional booths
  • Online buying option

 Why Virtual India Art Festival ?

This pandemic situation compelled organizers to look for a new way to cater to the needs of hundreds of artists and millions of art lovers.

With a large amount of thoughtfulness and discussions, the organizers decided to bridge the gap between the art enthusiasts, art buyers, artworks, and the art makers by designing a single platform for everyone without having anyone move out of their cities in this pandemic situation.

When is the Art Festival happening?

To your exuberance, the virtual India Art Festival has already started from 18th Dec 2020 and will keep enthralling till 20th Mar 2021.

What will be the charges to join?

For online visitors, enjoying the art on their electronic devices is decided to be free of cost. And there is no extra work of user registration.

And for artists, there are basic to premium range of booths at different prices. Artists can contact the organizers straight away.

How would the Art Galleries be?

Overview of the gallery

The art galleries are carefully designed with keeping the users’ experience in mind so that visitors do not lose the entire experience of an art exhibition auditorium. Upon entrance, users will get to enjoy different types of inspiring original artworks, prints, paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, ceramics, installations, and more decorated on walls or booths of the virtual art gallery almost with likes of a real one.

The booths

Visitors will have the freedom to choose which booth to go for without even entering it. All the booths are labelled by name and booth number, the base location of the gallery, and its downloadable catalogue. As an add-on, booths will also feature a video profile, contact number, and email address of the booth owner artist or studio.

Inside the booth

When you enter the booth of the virtual India Art Festival, you will get to start with a virtual demonstration of various artworks showcased by the artist/group of artists in a three-dimensional illustration with some background music beautifully complementing the artworks. The imaging is designed in such a way that you can move around the entire place just by moving your fingers on the image.

And when you go on various arts one by one, you will find the name of the art, a brief description of the art, size of it and its marked price. If you think that you have the right place to keep that particular piece of art and it fits your pocket, you can either place your queries about the art in front of the artists, or if you have already made your mind, you also have the option to buy it directly.

The artist’s section

The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke”. And those who are experts in this are given a separate section on the websites. If you are a fan of an artist or if you have a few favourites among them, you can also search them by name in the Artist’s Pavilion section with all the same features of a booth mentioned above.

How to participate in the virtual India Art Festival ?

You can participate by simply providing a few details like your name, mobile number, and email address. There is also an option to write a small message or description for the authorities to review your submission.