Booth: A4

Mayur Solanki is a self-taught artist based in the union territory of Diu. He is a dreamer and seafarer, spending almost half of his time on the high sea. His pre-occupation with lyrical sea waves is reflected through his paintings.

Mayur works in different mediums and maneuvers between various genres. 

Buddha, Acrylic on Canvas
30×40 cm, 2018

Freedom, Acrylic on Canvas
30×35.5 Inches, 2020

Brahma Vishnu Mahesh, Acrylic on Canvas Board
37×18.5 Inches, 2019

Meditation In Lofoten, Acrylic on Canvas Board
19.5×15.5 Inches, 2019

At the Horizon, Acrylic on Canvas
32×78 Inches, 2020